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"Strike at the Heart" - Fall Of Emotions

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"Strike at the Heart" - Fall Of Emotions

3.5 (4 röster)
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Låttext till Strike at the Heart med Fall Of Emotions

I swear this is the end
to the way that you treat me
Nothing can stop me, it is what you taught me
with bruises and scars I see what you are
you fake disrupting liar!

Your necklace around my neck
you've once loved and you've lost
draw a card from the deck
and now, you made a mistake
and all that is left is this thing
I call hate...

In this deep blue reef,
Not a sound, loud enough to steal my crown
I'm sealed away without a key,
This time no one will find me!

I tried to put you first
Give you my everything but now,
It's all ruined!
I chose a path,
that was ours
But now...
It's all over
I gave you all...

Suppressed, burned to ember
Hey, please just try to remember
how you promised we'd be together...
Do you even care?
Do you sometimes even think about me?

About my life!

When I felt like all I did was falling
I stood up to you,
like it was my calling
I died inside,

Only to be reborn,
this time I'll fly, on my own
Leave you alone, and I will set the tone
as the water dies
I see it tremble in your wondering eyes

In this deep blue reef,
not a sound, loud enough to steal my crown
I'm sealed away without a key,
this time no one will find me!

One last secret wish
A dream of one last kiss
I would ever be so kind
my hope to change your mind
But I'll keep on dreaming...
Dreaming, Singing and screaming
for you
for you...

It's gone!
My love and my trust
and all that is lost
When I feel nothing at all
I'll take you down in my fall
I sleep to wake up one day
Knowing that I will be just fine
A thought so divine
Embrace all of this with time
Open my mind, cause I swear this is the last
Of all your lies, With you fallen I descend

-Well done christian och ni andra :-)
/Micke  2013-04-03


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