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"Quitter" - Critical Minds

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"Quitter" - Critical Minds

4.2 (3 röster)
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Låttext till Quitter med Critical Minds

Lyrics : Mrv & Sideshow
Produced by : Sideshow
All rights reserved.

Verse 1 MrV

I could really need some rest
I'm always sleep less
Everytime i close my eyes i always see death.
Can somebody give me the seacret
I wanna get rid of theese leaches
They make damage inside,
But i always act that i'm fine.

Cuz im cold as a winter night,
And i dont know where to go,
I'm on the road to i dont really know
so im stayin here out in the cold.

I remeber when i was a little kid with a ice cream,
I lived in a fight scene Thats why i might be,
A little bit diffirent from you, that's why i'm writing,
And i need to cut down on that smokin weed and sippin the booze.

everybody wanna live the dream and feel free,
but I dont really know if all thoes things could heal me
and I dont give a fuck about the fame if u feel me
Im just flowing and showing the mother fucking real deal.


Life is hard but i always tryin to se the light at the end of tunnle.
Sometimes it's breaking me down, and i falling to the ground but i will not crumble.
No no no no, You know why?
cuz im not a quitter x3 we aint like the rest.
Im not a quitter x3, we do it till death.

Verse 2 Sideshow

im a shit mess,
i love my life but
some times i wish death.
that's why im goin for the kill
soon as i hit rec,
cuz i split flesh when i spit best,
fuck it,i might just put a bullet into my sick head,
or take a nice dive from the cliffs edge.
im kind of twisted,
am i cursed or am i gifted?
do i got one voice in my head? no i call them triplets,
and they keep me awake untill my mind is shifted,
some nights i really really miss bed,with this said,

you know i write on flaws,
i got so high demands,
wanna be the spiderman,till the light comes on,
to much pressure puts my life on pause,
then i fall to the floor,but im hard to the core,
and pay the price of mosh, goooosh,i think im lost.


-Anonym: nice att du diggar ;)
/Sideshow  2012-06-27
-Sjyst rapp
/Anonym  2012-06-27
-Fuck yeah ;)
/Sideshow  2012-06-25
-My two brothers... awsome
/Pansarvagnen (manager)  2012-06-24


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